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Zajímavý článek se strukturovaným doporučením "misionální" literatury: (Některé z uvedených titulů byly též přeloženy do češtiny.)

Autor: Brad Brisco  (převzato z FB profilu autora)

Recommended Missional Reading:

I often have people ask me what book(s) I would recommend to better understand the missional conversation. In most cases when someone asks for suggestions I start by asking where they are on the journey and if there are particular aspects they are wanting to learn more about. In light of that, my recommendations (based on what I personally have read and found helpful) usually go something like this:

If someone is brand new to the conversation I usually suggest "Right Here Right Now," "The Road to Missional" or "Sentness." If it is for a small group I would suggest "Missional Essentials." If they have already read one or more of those books and are looking for something a bit more challenging or comprehensive I would suggest "The Shaping of Things to Come," "The Forgotten Ways," "Exiles," "Faithful Presence" and/or "The Missional Church."

If someone is considering planting with more of a missional DNA I strongly suggest "The Tangible Kingdom," "Church Planting: The Foundations," "City Shaped Churches," "Underground Church," and "Covocational Church Planting."

If the emphasis is on shifting an existing congregation in more of a missional direction then I suggest "The Missional Quest." If wanting to rethink missional leadership then "The Permanent Revolution" is a must, along with "Creating a Missional Culture," and "UnLeader."

If someone is thinking more about movements and multiplication then I would once again suggest "The Forgotten Ways" along with "Organic Church" and "Church as Movement." "Organic Church" would also fit into the discussion on missional discipleship along with both "UnTamed" and "ReJesus."

If looking to focus on community transformation then I would suggest "Disunity in Christ," "Road to Reconciliation," "The Abundant Community," "The Art of Neighboring," "Next Door As It Is In Heaven" and "To Transform a City."

Finally, four books that don't necessarily fit neatly into the previous categories but I would highly recommend for helping move a local congregation more fully into mission are "Surprise the World," "5Q," "Reframation" and "Making Room."

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